You CAN be organized and clutter free. Yes, you!

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Imagine this:

  • Your to do list works for you, not against you
  • Everything in your closet is clean, ready to wear and appealing
  • You open a drawer and immediately find what you were looking for
  • Your home office inspires and energizes you to do your best work
  • Horizontal surfaces are clear and inviting

You can have this. Truly.

I can help you break through the mass of overwhelmingness.

I’ll guide you patiently and compassionately to get the peaceful, functional spaces you crave.

I’ll create systems specially for you to make it easy to keep your life clutter free and organized.

Does that sound appealing? Great!

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  • Answers to common questions about getting organized.
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Podcast 064: Time travel

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If you’ve been listening to this podcast or reading the book, you know I love tricks. I love to think up sneaky ways to get people to do things they don’t want to do, although they want to HAVE DONE them. You know that feeling. So, here’s your trick for the week.

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This podcast is based on my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized, available on my website. Each week I go into greater depth about one of the 52 ways. Some weeks I’ll take on different organizing topics and reader suggestions.

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Email for your to do’s?

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Should you use your email as a to do list?

There are pros and cons, as there are to most other organizing issues. 

The cons: 

  1. It gets too crowded in your in box to find things effectively, unless you’re a champ at deleting emails (forest for the trees syndrome),
  2. even if you use clearly labeled folders, you can have too many places to look to find your to do’s (a GTD no-no),
  3. you have to rely on the way the email is phrased by its writer, which won’t be consistent with the way you’d write things on your own to do list (and you’ll probably have to wade through several paragraphs of blah blah blah to get to the to-do),
  4. once you do something, do you delete the email?  If you don’t delete it, it just clogs up the in box.  You can mark an email as replied-to, or create a whole stack of subject folders to parcel them into, but that’s a lot of work. 

The pros: 

  1. Hey, it’s right there.  No more work to do (such as writing it down elsewhere),
  2. some emails contain a to-do that will take you 2 minutes or less, so it’s not worth the effort to record it elsewhere,
  3. if you need to re-read a thread of messages to refresh your memory and trace the progress of the to-do, they’re all right there and
  4. you can park emails in a Waiting For folder so you can follow up on what you’ve done. I don’t generally recommend folders. It’s super easy to search your email so creating folders for everything is a waste of time. 

What do you think? Do you have a favorite method?