testiIMG_2467 mediumWhat I can do for you:

  • Eliminate clutter and keep it gone
  • Organize every room in the house
  • Create simple systems
  • Help you get more done
  • Unpack and set up your new home
  • Help you develop organizing habits

You CAN be organized and clutter free. Yes, you!

Let me show you how

Do you dread walking into your home office because it’s so chaotic and disorganized?

Do you have a perfectly good home office that you aren’t using because your organizing systems haven’t kept up with reality?

Are you craving simplicity and serenity but don’t see a way to get there?

Do you want to balance your full, engaged life with more simplicity and serenity?

Is your inability to make effective decisions about your stuff preventing you from getting to the level of organization you want?

Is it driving you nuts not to be able to find things?

Do you worry constantly about forgetting appointments and other commitments?

You’ve come to the right place.

Having an organized life that flows is possible.

Picture this: you wake up to a home that’s cozy and serene. Horizontal surfaces are clear and clothes are neatly put away. Your decor stands out in each uncluttered room.

You open a drawer and immediately find what you were looking for. Everything in your closet is clean, ready to wear and appealing. Walking into your home office inspires and energizes you to do your best work.

Your to do list has become a helpful ally that you enjoy crossing things off of. Email is under your control. You easily contain your Facebooking and web surfing so you can still enjoy them.

That may seem like pie in the sky. You’re sure you are the type who won’t ever be able to be organized. But…

What if it were simple?

What if I could show you how to get there, step by step? Imagine having a place for everything and a do-able way to get things put away. Imagine being on top of your life and how calm and centered you feel.

You can have this. Truly.

I can help you break through the mass of overwhelmingness. I’ll guide you patiently and compassionately to get the peaceful, functional spaces you crave. I’ll create systems specially for you to make it easy to keep your life clutter free and organized.

Does that sound appealing? Great! Get started by getting my Organizing Made Easy kit.

First, listen to my welcome message where I answer common questions about getting organized. I’ll explain exactly what’s involved in working with me and how to know if my services are right for you.

Click here for the kit.


Latest Blog Posts

New Class: Eliminating Paper from your Life 101

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When I taught this class a few months ago, it was a big hit! I’m bringing it back in June at a private studio in south Berkeley. Go here for details and tickets.

In the meantime, here’s a joke quiz I wrote about paper. See how you score!

Top Ten Ways NOT to deal with paper

  • Keep your junk mail to look at later.
  • Save coupons for things you do not need or want.
  • Place stacks of paper on each and every available horizontal surface.
  • File each sheet in its own manila folder and squeeze it in with the other 500 folders in your file drawer.
  • Put papers into a box, label it “To Be Filed” and then shove it way under your desk where it won’t be noticed for years to come.
  • Keep every publication you receive because some day, some year, you’ll read it.
  • Keep coupons that expired during the last century.
  • Put papers in a folder and label it “Miscellaneous.”
  • Print out all your email.
  • And finally, never, ever throw anything away!

How many of the above things do you do? Give yourself a point for each one. Be honest, now! If your score is high, there is help.


0:   Congratulations! Why not become a professional organizer?

1-3:    You’ve got too much paper, but it’s under control. For now.

4-6:   You’re organized enough to get out of the house in the morning and can get back in without pushing too many things out of the way.

6-8:   You are like the Red Queen, running constantly simply to stay in the same place.

8-10:   Paper rules your life and you might as well lie down and say uncle.

Organizing as a Practice

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I've been trying to start two new practices recently (I know I shouldn't say "trying;" am I afraid to commit?). One is meditating and the other is writing. Since I used to write fiction I know a practice is important but somehow I didn't think that also applied to non-fiction writing. My friend Deborah assures me that it does (and she gave me some great tips!). So I'm using an online timer and putting in 10 minutes (for now) a day. What I come up with is drivel, of course, but that's not the point.

Zafu My meditation practice is also often embarrassingly bad. Wow, is that really me thinking all those incredibly banal thoughts? Then I remind myself that I'm just practicing. I am not very patient and have never understood delayed gratification, so it's a big thing for me to let my practice be a practice and not a path to perfection.

Being organized, clutter-free and in control of your time is also a practice. You're not going to finally get it right one day and be home free. Some days will be better than others. You'll go through busy periods when your system gets a little frayed around the edges and then you'll take the time to get back on track.

I do emphasize having a vision for your organized life, a goal to work towards. However, if that goal is making you feel disappointed in what's happening today, just think of what you're doing as a practice. Instead of thinking, 'my office has to look like that one I saw on Apartment Therapy,' try 'today I'll clear off the top of the file cabinet.' Focus on action today rather than possible futures.

A practice has its own rhythm and is its own rewards. Try it and see.

Kitty with meditation cushion from jakemohan's photostream.