5 Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom

Here’s the first in my new series of Five Minute Guides: Five Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom. This guide gives you easy to follow steps so that you don’t get bogged down in organizing overwhelm. It lays out exactly what you need to do in an easy to understand format that you can read and act on quickly.


5 Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom

Work with me

You CAN be organized and clutter free. Yes, you!
Do you dread walking into your office because it's so chaotic and disorganized?
Is it driving you nuts not to be able to find things?
Are you craving simplicity and serenity but just can't get there?
You've come to the right place.


Work with me

What I can do for you:

  • testiEliminate clutter and create strategies to keep it gone so you can have people over and feel good about it
  • Unpack and organize after you move so your new house feels like home
  • Organize every room in the house so you have only what you love and need and can easily find things
  • Help you get more done by pinpointing where your time is going and supporting you to focus on the important stuff
  • Create simple systems for tasks such as billing paying and mail sorting so you don’t pay late fees or get snowed under
  • Work closely with you so you learn firsthand and get comfy making decisions, or work mostly on my own so you can be doing your own thing and give occasional input. I can be as hands-on or off as you need.

Who I’ve helped:

  • Worked in a client’s home office decluttering and separating personal from business so she can easily focus on her work
  • Helped a client get her life back on track after her mother’s death by gently supporting her to tackle projects she’d avoided
  • Guided a client to develop healthy new habits so she gets more done and makes decisions more easily
  • Helped a client reclaim her basement as an art studio and laundry center by purging and organizing storage
  • Cleared out and sorted a garage that had been packed up for years and arranged for hauling away of junk
  • Helped a client break out of clutter by coaching her to decide what to let go of and what to keep
  • Set up a new, much smaller kitchen so the client could still cook efficiently and enjoyably
  • Worked with a client to sort through her ailing mother’s apartment and make difficult decisions about her possessions.

How I work:

My style is friendly, non-judgmental and low key. Your needs and desires guide our work together. I’ll come up with ideas, systems and product recommendations that are customized for your lifestyle and organizing challenges. We’ll keep it simple so staying organized is easy and you have more time for fun.

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Keep Tabs on Your Credit

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Originally posted 2008-02-26 09:36:00. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Recently, I got a brochure in the mail about identify theft from the Federal Trade Commission. It reminded me that it’s time for my yearly request for free credit reports.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act says that all three of the major credit reporting agencies offer free credit reports to everyone once a year. It’s a good thing to do, to make sure no one has taken out a loan or applied for credit in your name, and to make sure the information they have regarding your accounts is correct. They’ve even created a website where you can get all three at once. There is a maze of menus to get through, but it’s worth it. You’re also entitled to a free report anytime you are denied credit.

The brochure also reminded me, and I will remind you:

  • Shred any documents with sensitive financial or identity information on them
  • Don’t give out your Social Security number unless you have to. On request, most entities will issue you an alternative identification number
  • Don’t click through any email links regarding your finances or identity!

This last point bears repeating. Just don’t ever do it! Your bank, your credit card company and everyone else you do business with will tell you that they’ll never ask you for sensitive information, nor to update your account via email. Believe them! Many otherwise intelligent people I know have fallen for this.

If you’re still curious about an email link, just visit the sender’s website yourself by opening your browser and typing their address manually into the address bar. Log in to your account and see if there are any messages for you. That’s the failsafe way to do it.

Tip for Purging Email

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Originally posted 2010-03-09 16:18:28. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Dump truck I admit it, there are tons of unattended to emails in my inbox. The vast majority of it is reading. I'll probably never get to it, but I don't mind it being there. The rest is threads about events or plans that needed some back and forth before getting resolved.

Just going backwards in time is a slow and unappealing way to find emails to delete. Sorting your email by subject first and then by sender will give you two distinct sets of emails that will already be grouped in nice, tossable chunks. You'll get all the emails about the long passed "January 10 meeting" or all the ones from Ellen Campbell. 

If I do start getting rid of my "to read" emails, I can easily sort those by sender too and decide to dump all but the most recent few months, in hopes that I might actually spend time reading them.

Lots of people love email folders but I don't. I use a few for archiving (i.e., things I may never look at again but it there's a slight chance I will) and that's it. When I tried using folders, I'd forget for long periods of time that they existed, and happily got along without them.

How do you decide what to unload from your email inbox? What about folders? Yea or nay?

Dump truck from @cdharrison's photostream