Real world productivity

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Sometimes I come across a description of what productive people are like and I think, that’s not me. It’s probably not even most people.

If productivity seems effortless, it’s because you’re not seeing what’s behind the scenes. Here’s what you’re missing.

How do productive people get things done?

  1. The tasks are on their to do lists.
    They didn’t come out of a vacuum or from thin air. They’re based on current projects and prioritizing
  2. They commit time to doing things.
    This time is reserved on their calendars and they honor it. They aren’t using “free time” or spontaneously deciding to knock off a few hours of work.
  3. They structure accountability.
    People who can work with only internal accountability are rare. You are probably not one of them, but it doesn’t matter because you can create your own accountability, and you should.

Basically, productive people use tools and strategies to help them. They don’t wait until they’re in the mood to get things done.