Start organizing with the easy stuff

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You may be having trouble making much progress with getting organized because you’re starting in the wrong place. 

I recently talked with a client about his frustration that he wasn’t getting anywhere even though he purged and organized regularly. After some discussion, it came out that he was focusing on the things that were hardest to make decisions about.

He works at home, for himself, so he’s used to having to plan his own time and get things done without much external accountability. He’s good at prioritizing the truly important work, even if it’s difficult, and leave the simpler tasks for later.

This is exactly the formula for business success (and critical to master if you work alone), but it doesn’t work for organizing your home. What works is the opposite. 

Start with the easy stuff.

This is not cheating! Making decisions is tough work but you get better at it the more you do it. 

  • Doing the easy stuff gives you that sense of accomplishment and progress
  • You can move quickly and blaze through a big chunk of the organizing project
  • Easy decisions have small consequences, so you can be braver
  • You become more aware of what you want and don’t want so decision making is faster
  • You become convinced that the world will not fall apart if you make a wrong decision

You may even find your world comes completely together once all the clutter is gone.