Clothing Clutter

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Today I’m sharing with you a tip from my book, 5 Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom, about how to deal with clothing clutter.

Clothing always causes clutter. Every day, you get clothes out of the closet or bureau to wear. And every day you take them off again.

They spend a lot of time not being put away, so they can cause clutter, just like other things you use daily. 

Not only that, but your closet gets clogged up with clothing you don’t wear anymore, that doesn’t fit and that you don’t even like. That makes it more of a challenge to get dressed in the morning than it should be. 

Here are three ideas to cut your daily dressing time down:

  1. Have two or more “uniforms” ready to wear. That is, complete outfits that are always clean, pressed and easy to jump into (prioritize this cleaning and pressing). Buy a favorite pair of pants in two colors.
  2. Arrange your clothes by garment type. This is good advice for everyone. Example: from left to right are tops (long sleeved, short sleeved, sleeveless), bottoms (pants by length, skirts by length), dresses, jackets and coats.
  3. Make your wardrobe a uniform. Pick styles of tops and bottoms that you like and buy many. Stick to a limited color palette (try getting your colors done if you don’t know what colors to pick). This way, everything goes with everything.