“Get it done” coaching

Do you have goals that you really want to accomplish but don’t find yourself making progress?

We all have busy lives. It’s hard to carve out time for ourselves amid all the demands of home, family and job. No one really has any of that mythical stuff called “spare time.”

Even if your commitments are few, we often find ourselves resisting doing the things we most value. Sometimes we’re reluctant to put our own needs and desires first.

But you dearly want less clutter, more organization and more peace of mind in your life.

Maybe you’re not sure what to do next. If your goal is one that has no external deadline, it can be challenging to stay on track and to set aside time to work on it.

With “Get it done” coaching you will:

  • Create a compelling, clear vision of your organized life
  • Achieve goals that are do-able and also inspiring
  • Have a plan and always know what to do next to work the plan
  • Develop habits that support the positive changes you’re making
  • Overcome obstacles and problems and stay on track

What you get:

Clarity: Hearing yourself talk to me and answering my obvious-seeming questions helps you clarify what you’re about. When your plans are all in your head, it’s easy to be vague and unformed. I will get you to be clear and specific.

Feedback: I ask questions to uncover what’s getting in your way and give you concrete practical ways around those obstacles. You’ll get ideas and tips for various ways to do things and we’ll keep honing those until we find the perfect solutions for you.

Focus: Having to sit down and write me an email gets you to focus and commit. It means that you get good at cutting to the chase, and don’t get stuck in excuses or stories. By writing things down, you’ll start to see connections you didn’t notice before.You also get a written record of our conversation.

Accountability: When you are accountable to someone, you have extra motivation to do what you said you would. This helps overcome procrastination. And, you get your own personal cheerleader!

How it works:

We start with a one hour Skype session so we can “meet” face to face and you can tell me what’s happening. You can have one project or many. A detailed plan isn’t necessary, but you should know what your goals are and why you want to accomplish them. Together, we identify what specific steps you’ll take to achieve those goals and how you’ll get them done.

We’ll correspond via email every week. You can email me when you want to and I’ll commit to answering within 48 hours. You’ll let me know about what your tasks for the previous week were and what you accomplished. We celebrate what you did, troubleshoot what didn’t get done and discuss obstacles and options.

Based on that, you tell me your plan for the week to come, including specific action steps and when you have reserved the time to work on them. We can add more Skype sessions if you feel the need for them.

Email coaching involves a minimum three month commitment. This gives you time to fully integrate everything you learn into a new, organized lifestyle. Contact me here so we can schedule a complimentary call to make sure email coaching is for you.