Productivity Coaching

I know you’re busy. I get that. Your career success is important to you. You put a lot of time and effort into it.

You also know that you’re being held back by lack of organization, too much clutter and poor time management.

If you were better organized, you’d be sure that what you’re working on today is the most important work you could be doing. The information you need is at your fingertips. You’re focused because you aren’t distracted by other projects on your desk.

Your day actually does have time to complete your work because you understand how time works for you.

What if there was a way to boost your success with targeted, concentrated coaching that occurs on your time schedule? Working with a coach in person or on the phone is a fantastic way to reach your goals, but it can be challenging to fit into your day.

Coaching via email can be even more effective. You get all the benefits of traditional coaching; a personal relationship with your coach, who understands where you’re at and knows how to get you there; customized plans and strategies, regular responses from your coach to keep you on track, motivate and inspire you.

That said, I start all my coaching relationships with a one hour Skype session so we can get to know each other a bit, I can understand where you’re at and where you want to go, and we can make a plan. We’ll also figure out the nuts and bolts strategies of how you’ll proceed. Further Skype consultations can be added as necessary.

The amazing benefits of email coaching

  • Email coaching lets you express yourself in a careful, considered way so you can make points that sometimes get forgotten during a real time conversation.
  • Putting things into writing prompts you to clarify your own thoughts and become conscious of ideas that were floating in your head.
  • There’s no fluff; my responses are concise and to the point to respect your time and give you the most value I can.
  • You’ll have a permanent record of our exchanges so you won’t forget anything we’ve talked about.
  • You can trace your progress over time and celebrate how far you’ve come
  • You can shoot me an email anytime there’s something on your mind so you capture your thoughts in real time.

Email coaching isn’t for everyone. It’s for you if you’re motivated, goal-oriented and willing to take action to become more successful.

Every successful person has coaches, just as they have mentors. Coaches hold you to your goals, expect great work from you and are there to guide you through challenges and celebrate your successes. Contact me today to find out if email coaching is right for you. We’ll schedule a short, complimentary phone conversation to find out. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours.


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