Productivity Workshops

Ah, not another dry, talking head presentation, or a workshop that isn’t relevant to me!

Yes, I agree! I’ve found what works best is a round table discussion with ten employees or fewer, rather than a presentation or workshop. In a discussion setting, I can address the specific concerns of the group and customize my advice. People stay more engaged with this technique, and they have clearer takeaways and better follow up.

Here are some topics I’ve consulted on:

  • Make a do-able to do list
  • Organize your calendar so deadlines don’t sneak up on you
  • Handle distractions, internal and external
  • Delegate effectively
  • Manage paper so it’s not managing you
  • Create templates for email responses and common tasks
  • Tools and techniques for managing email and social networking overload
  • Which time management tools will help and which to actually skip
  • Ways to be sure that top priorities match top actions
  • Top five time management challenges and how to overcome them
  • How to make and stick to assignment deadlines
  • Techniques to identify and minimize stress
  • How to assert yourself and get it done

A testimonial:

“I was really impressed with Claire’s ability to tailor her talking
points so that they were relevant to our teams and our industry.
Sometimes presentations like this can be too vague or are predicated on an idealized (i.e. unrealistic) premise of what the workplace is like,
but I really felt that her suggestions were excellent and truly

“As a manager I especially appreciated much of her discussion
around focusing on the right tasks and making sure the work you are
doing is actually your job and what you are good at. I found myself
wishing that others on my staff had been in attendance and I plan to
discuss some of her strategies with my reports in their reviews.”

–Christina Gimlin, Senior Managing Editor at McGraw-Hill Higher

And here are some previous clients:

McGraw Hill
International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
Kaiser Hospital
YLA, Inc.
Public Relations Society of America
Center for Competitive Management
Employment Development Department
Ladies Who Launch
New York Women in Film and Television
Yolo County Office of Education

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