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Productivity Workshops

My presentations are very interactive and customized for each group. Attendees will be able to ask lots of questions so that the material is as helpful and pertinent as possible. Plenty of time at the end for more questions. Topics include handling distractions, delegating and prioritizing.

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Home and Office Professional Organizing Services

This is my in-person service dedicated to creating an environment for you to do your best work. Overcome your fear of letting things go; that means stuff, but also people and habits. Build practices that give you focus and get things done. Increase flow, energy and clarity so you can be your best.

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You can work with me through the app to develop new habits. This is narrowly focused accountability coaching that takes place via text.

You choose a very specific, well-defined habit to develop and then I take you through a process designed to reinforce consistency. Once that’s achieved, we can move on to a new habit, or grow the current one to be more effective.

Working this way is super affordable, $25 a week, with no commitment. You can see my offerings here: I can create a custom program for you for decluttering, organizing, time management, etc. Let me know what you want coaching on.

This laser focused coaching provides excellent accountability and troubleshooting so that you can succeed quickly!

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