Are Personal Trainers Worth the Money?

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You know how to jump rope. You also know how to climb up stairs. There might be a treadmill lurking in your basement that you certainly know how to use.

The question is: Do you?

People need the structure of a gym to get their exercise done, even if they could do it cheaper at home without driving anyplace. Still, plenty of folks pay their gym memberships every month even though they never seem to make it over there.

If they’re smart and serious about getting exercise, they hire a personal trainer.

They’re smart enough to know that they won’t go to the gym unless someone is there waiting for them. They’re serious enough to understand that it’s worth hiring someone to stand there with a stopwatch and make them jump rope.

Knowledge and intention don’t flatten your stomach. Doing the exercise flattens your stomach.

A colleague of mine commented that I shouldn’t be publishing blog posts that spelled out exactly how people can get organized. “You’re giving away the cow!” said she.

Anyone who can get organized simply by reading my blog is perfectly welcome to do so. Yay, you! There are plenty of people who can’t, or don’t, or don’t want to, and those are the ones who want to work with me.

These folks read a post and say “that’s a great idea!” but never make the time to do it. Or they get confused or distracted. Sometimes they understand a concept but don’t see how to relate it to their own situations.

These people hire professional organizers.  They know what they want and they can see that this is the most effective way to get it.

So, unearth that jump rope, or give me a call.