Computer Clutter

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I need to upgrade my computer and I’ve made the momentous decision to switch to a Mac Book Pro from my old PC. I’ll be switching back, actually, since I bought one of those tiny Macintoshes many, many years ago (it was my first computer).Mac

I had heard that someone at the Apple store would move my files to the new computer for me, but it turns out I have to put said files in a folder on the desktop first. That’s when it dawned on me that it’s up to me and no one else to figure out what needs to be transferred to the new computer.

That means looking through about a billion folders and figuring out what all that stuff even is before I can decide whether to keep it or not. As long as the memory holds out, it’s easy to keep filling up your computer with junk you use only once, or never, and then forget about. It doesn’t help that the files are called XRY22T7 or something equally obscure.

The insidious problem with computer clutter is that tools like Google Desktop search allow me to find anything I need very quickly. That means I don’t have much motivation to keep the machine uncluttered.

In a way I’m lucky, as my Apple store personal shopper pointed out to me. If I were upgrading to a new Mac, it would be so easy and tempting just to dump everything into the new machine. Migrating from a PC is not that easy, so I can be more disciplined.

It’ll be like moving to a new home, all clean and shiny because I haven’t brought over anything more than the items I really need and love. Of course, soon enough I’ll start cluttering up the MacBook too… (Mac pic from ShadyL via Flickr).