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Centerpiece I love it when simple changes make a big difference. Example: a pile of fruit on your dining table is just a random pile of fruit. Put the fruit in a bowl or basket and, voila!, you've got a centerpiece.

My client was bugged by some items out on his coffee table, but didn't really want to put them elsewhere because he used them all the time. The remote control(s), the TV Guide, the stereo controller and a note pad were fairly neatly arranged on the table, but they looked, well, unorganized.

We discovered an attractive wicker tray in the pantry and stationed it at one end of the coffee table. All the items fit snugly inside without piling. What a difference! Not only did the table now look more orderly, but it's easy as pie to use and put back any of the items.

See if there's a horizontal surface at your house that would benefit from containers. They can be trays, shallow boxes, ceramic dishes, woven baskets or whatever fits the bill.

Flower centerpiece from roblisameehan's photostream