How to Weed Out Your Clothes Closet

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It can be hard to know where to start when you want to pare down your clothes. If you’re going to spend some time and go through everything, take it all out and pile it on the bed. That way you have to make a commitment to keeping something by putting it back in the closet. When you flip through the garments on their hangers, it’s too easy just to keep everything.

If you want to do a quicker purge, try my friend Ellen’s technique, “Always, Sometimes, Never.” Start at one end of the hanging rack and ask your self whether you wear each garment always, sometimes or never.

  1. “Always” is for clothing you wear all the time. It also makes you look and feel good. (If you’re wearing
    something a lot that doesn’t make you look and feel good, we have to talk…)Dress up
  2. “Sometimes” is for garments you don’t wear that often, but they have a specific function, such as a
    velvet top you would wear to a fancy dinner or a pantsuit for special business meetings.
  3. “Never” is for anything that you never wear because:
  • Even though you paid a lot for it, you don’t like it
  • It doesn’t fit
  • It doesn’t make you look great
  • Even though it was a gift, you just don’t like it
  • It doesn’t make you feel great
  • It’s damaged and not worth fixing
  • It seemed like a good idea at the time, but, honestly, you don’t like it

Keep the Always and Sometimes items (the Sometimes items might be better off at the back of the closet where they’re out of the way). Get rid of the Never items. If it’s just that you don’t like them, they may have resale value. If not, cut to the chase and donate them to the thrift store.

The quicker you get them out of your life, the better. Why? Because now you have room, physically and psychically, to get some new clothes that you love and make you look and feel fantastic!

Have you purged your closet recently? How did it go?