The Organizer Sees It Differently

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I went clothes shopping last week with a friend who had volunteered to help me upgrade my image. I haven't been completely happy with my professional look and she has a great eye for clothes.

First she asked me to find pictures of clothes that I liked and identify what colors I liked and hated. We got together over coffee and she made some notes based on my choices, then we went to the shops.

She walked down the racks saying "this," "this, "yeah, this one," while I stood by holding the hangers. Sometimes I'd say, "uh, I don't think so…" and she'd reply, "Just try it. For me." She quickly picked out a stack of garments, most of which I never would have chosen for myself.

And, amazingly, almost all of it looked great on me! I discovered that pale pink is my color. I have never, ever worn that color (well, since age 4) and I own nothing in it right now. But I'm sure going to change that.

The interesting thing to me was how productive and eye-opening it was to shop with someone who knows what she's doing and is focusing all her attention on me. The same thing happens to my clients when I work with them to get them organized. They see things that were unclear before and that suddenly seem so obvious. We come up with ways of doing things that seem completely right, but were easily overlooked before.

Having another pair of eyes seeing what you see and reporting a different view is powerful, and helpful, stuff.

Li'l sweater and hat courtesy of