Making Notes on the Go

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Well, my love affair with Jott is pretty much over. Jott is still a very clever and wonderful system for capturing to do's and other info via cell phone. And in true Web 2.0 fashion, its now offering links to Twitter and Facebook and a ton of other features.Microphone

But the free account does not send my Jotts to my email anymore and that's a drag. I don't blame them for making money from their service; it's very worthwhile. But it's not what I need anymore.

The other problem I've run into is the new California law prohibiting handheld cell phone use. It's too much of a production for me to put in the Bluetooth device every timeI get in the car so I don't do it. When I get an inspiration I don't want to forget, I can't just pick up the phone anymore and Jott it.

So, I'm back to my first love, the digital voice recorder. I had to get new batteries for it, but it works great and I'm relieving our initial romance all over again. These devices are still easy to find in many variations so it helps to know what you want before you shop.

Mine records memos of a few minutes apiece. I think there's room for about 20 minutes of recording (sorry, it's in the car now, where it lives, so I can't check). Some record much shorter messages; great for remembering phone numbers and mini shopping lists, and they fit on a keychain. Others are almost like dictation machines.

I like to be able to record ruminations and ideas, so I need a minute or so of time. I do carry it around sometimes, so it has to be small. And it's only got a few physical buttons so I can easily use it in the car without looking at it. My phone records memos, but there's more button pushing involved.

I don't need it to record video, be USB compatible or hold 68 hours of recording (yes, there's one that does that!). Simplicity is key for me. My basic need is not to forget ideas that come to me while I'm driving and can't write them down. I should probably get another one for the shower; the other inconvenient idea-getting spot. I'm sure someone makes a waterproof one…

Microphone from hiddedevries' photostream