Spend Money, Save Money AND Time

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Is using 1-800-Got-Junk expensive?* Yes and no. Yes, it cost my client about $500. That seems like a lot of dough to get rid of all that old crap in your garage. It’s just some recycling and throwing a lot of stuff in the trash, right?

So, here’s why you might answer “no,” based on my client’s experience.

  • His garage was packed to the rafters. That meant that just sorting through it all involved lots of heavy lifting.
  • Lots of stuff also meant filling up the entire driveway, so once the project was underway it couldn’t be left for “later.”
  • There was so much recycling that my client had to either take it himself to the recycling center or dole it out to his bin over a 2 month period (and find a place to store it in the meantime; i.e., putting it back in the garage. Ick.)
  • He could also opt to visit the dump himself with the non-recylables but, lacking a large truck, it would’ve taken him a ridiculous number of trips, each of which costs money.
  • The most compelling reason; there was no need to put on gloves and a mask to deal with boxes that rats had been living in, a task that’s not only unsavory but hazardous to your health.

Did I convince you?

The bottom line is that keeping stuff around that you’re not actively using means you will have to spend lots of time and energy at some point to deal with it.

  1. You can do it yourself and have all the fun and excitement mentioned above.
  2. You can hire me and pay me to sort things that you aren’t even going to keep.
  3. Or you can get smart and recognize that junk is junk and the sooner it’s gone, the better.

You may have guessed that this is a cautionary tale. It’s quite possible to avoid having this happen to you, and it involves working with me. Surprise! Find out more by clicking here.

*Note: I’m not advertising this particular service, but my client’s experience was with them and they did a great job.