Stylish Way to Carry File Folders

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Jamie raquel tote Of course, you could use a ho-hum briefcase but those are boring. Plus, when you lay it on its side, the file contents are likely to make their ways into other parts of your bag. Why not try a cool-looking, fun-colored totebag made specifically for hanging folders? Arrive at your next meeting calm, prepared and well-accessorized.

 Jamie Raquel makes such a bag and it's very cute. I got one in lime green! The simple, hard-sided design features rails for hanging folders and three pockets for pens, phone, Blackberry or calculator. The outside looks like a well-tailored oversized bag.

I admit I don't really schlep folders around to my client appointments, but I've found a great use for it. Now that I have a laptop, my home office is everywhere: dining table, bed, backyard, local cafe. The tote is a perfect size for my current project folders so I can easily take them along when my laptop and I go in search of greener pastures.

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