Unclutter that table

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unclutter that table

I forgot my sunglasses this morning. What a drag! I hate when that happens.

As I was driving, I saw my front entry table in my mind’s eye and I knew what happened.

I had let it pile up with things, so the sunglasses didn’t call my attention. Usually, this table hold my purse, keys, sunglasses and a small box containing dog poop bags, extra keys, business cards and other occasional necessities.

This morning, there was a brochure I wanted to read, a handful of receipts to look over, some items I dumped out of a tote bag to put away and a handful of napkins from take out food. The sunglasses were under there somewhere. They weren’t even totally hidden, but in the visual chaos of the table, I didn’t see them.

Those extraneous items popped up in two days. That’s how fast a spot can get cluttered to the point where bad things happen, like forgetting your sunglasses. Or wasting time feeling around for the keys.

So, now you know! My front hall table isn’t always perfectly organized. The good news is that I can get it back in shape quickly.

Here’s how:

  1. Read the brochure. There’s something I want to research so I note it on my to do list. Then I toss the brochure
  2. Look at the receipts. They’re mostly from my trip to LA which was partly for business, so I’ll put them with my business receipts. The rest are for groceries and other purchases. They go in the recycling.
  3. The tote bag stuff is pens (to the container on my desk), a lipstick (to the box in my bathroom storage area), an empty keyring (to the table top box where I keep keys) and a handkerchief (to the laundry. I have a collection of vintage hankies; love them!)
  4. Handful of napkins: dirty ones go in the trash and the rest go into my glove compartment because, like everyone else I know, I eat in my car.

That took less than five minutes. You can spend more time than that just looking for your keys.