How to Optimize Space

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Although I still have websites, the blog is the place where I put my new content. The websites are ridiculously hard to a not-too-computer savvy person like me to edit. The blog, by contrast, is easy as pie (thanks, Typepad!).

However, there’s some valuable content on the sites that people aren’t seeing as much because my traffic is coming here rather than there. So, today I’m sending you to an article I wrote about using your space.

If I rewrote that article today, I would add this bullet point:

  • Use Your Stuff as a Guide. Do you have an inbox on your desk that you never use? Some people don’t use their inboxes because putting things in there is like dropping them into a black hole in space (that’s a whole ‘nother subject). But others don’t use them because they just don’t work. A client of mine uses her desk for all kinds of tasks, only a few of which involve paper. So a standard 8.5 x 11 inch inbox doesn’t work for her. What she really can use is a big colorful basket next to the desk to accomodate stray pieces of clothing, oversize books, a bag of stuff to be returned to the store, a beach ball(!), children’s artwork, etc.

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  1. Hi, Sue,
    Since I wrote this post, my website was updated and moved and most of my posts got renamed, so I can’t find this one. Sorry! Thanks for your comment.

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