Password Hints

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I have 170 passwords in my Palm. Some are written in directly, the ones I use for sites where I don’t care about security, like reading the New York Times online. Others I use so often I have them in my head. But there too are many secure passwords for me to remember and those are listed with hints only.

Mine your past to create easy-to-remember passwords with letters and numbers. It’s important not to use current information that you might possibly have recorded elsewhere, or that would just be easy for someone to guess. Also, current information that seems memorable now might not stand the test of time. For the letters part, I typically use:

  • Names of former teachers
  • Names of streets I used to live on
  • Names of neighborhoods I used to live in
  • Names of my childhood friends’ pets

For the numbers part, try:

  • Four digit birth dates of friends and relatives (provided these aren’t recorded with the person’s name in your datebook)
  • Previous street addresses, mine and friends’
  • Parts of old phone numbers, mine and friends’ (I actually remember the phone number of my best friend from first grade)

So the hints look like this: "Second grade teacher, Dan’s birthday" or "North Beach Street, Lynn’s phone (last 4 digits)." Easy to use for you, hard to crack for anyone else. Try it!

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