Magic and Possibilities

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Me floatingHow do I want to feel when I’m doing my work, when I’m at my desk, when I’m in my life everyday? Magic. I want there to be magic.

When I was a kid I loved the book The Secret Garden. I really loved the beginning of the book, when Mary finds that secret door covered by ivy (I just reread that chapter and it gave me a chill down my spine). The magic of finding a hidden door. A door to a forgotten place where no one had been in ten years.

I seek out magic. I create it in my life. Sometimes in little ways, like rearranging my furniture so that everything looks different, but it’s the same. Sometimes in big ways, like when I visited The Lightning Field. Magic for me is about curiosity and exploration and discovery.

I turn things upside down so I can see them fresh. I ask stupid questions that I already know the answer to so I can get a new answer.

Magic erases my expectations, biases, assumptions and “shoulds.” It evokes beginner’s mind. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.” (Shunryu Suzuki).

Where can you get magic today?

Magic photo of me by Ron Nelson

Organizing Appliances of the Future

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Any day now, the wonders of modern technology will be put to use helping you get organized around the house! Well, maybe not, but a gal can dream, can’t she?

The Mail-o-Matic.  Just feed your mail by the armload into the top chute (you can’t overload this baby!) and the Mail-o-Matic will sort it for you! Mail drops into labeled slots, ready to read. Position the side exit tube over your recycling bin for one-step junk mail handling.Vacuum

The Clutter Buster Deluxe. You’ve heard of in-wall vacuum systems, haven’t you? Well, this beats them cold! The Clutter Buster Deluxe uses a system of small in-wall tunnels that lead to all the rooms of your home. Simply plug the wide mouth nozzle into the wall receptacle and sweep over the floor of any room, and all the items will be sucked up and sent down the tunnels to the appropriate rooms (items are specially pre-tagged by your technician). Activate the junk sensor and the Clutter Buster Deluxe will extract the useless items from the stream and direct them straight to the garbage can!

Nano-ize It! If you’re running out of room to put away all your stuff (and who isn’t these days?), just nano-ize it. This handy device shrinks your stuff down to microscopic size so it can be jammed in to any nook or cranny. Just aim the ray at your stuff, keeping pets and children safely away, and voila! All shrunk down and ready to store! (Macro-izer sold separately.)

Do you have an idea for a space-age organizing appliance that would make your life ever so much easier? Share it here!

Vacuum Party courtesy of Keep My Day Job’s photostream