Time to imagine

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P1040388Winter¬†is¬†hibernation time, a time of doing less. It’s also a great time to plan for the coming year. Just as gardeners like to sit by the fireplace and pore over seed catalogs, you can think about what you want in your life this year.

No need to make a list. Just take time now and again to ruminate on what you want for yourself next year. If you haven’t taken my free ecourse yet, it will help you with this. You can sign up for it here.¬†

The first step in the ecourse is developing your vision of what your organized life will look like. The vision has to be one that you are invested in, one that you have passion for. 

It can’t be your spouse’s or your mother’s or even something you read about. That might be a jumping off point, but your vision should be all yours.

It needs to speak to you and motivate you, no one else. 

Don’t focus only on getting rid of clutter and how you want things to look.¬†Think about how you want your organized life to feel.¬†

Organizing has practical aspects, such as making it easier for you to find things. It also has emotional aspects. How do you feel in your home when the dining table is piled with mail? How do you feel when the table is clear and all the mail has been taken care of? 

Those are the kind of questions to ask yourself to develop your own personal organizing vision. Have fun with it!