"Stadium Seating" to Organize Your Folders

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If you saw the new Star Trek movie at IMAX as I did, you know that stadium seating rocks. No bobbing heads blocking the screen! Peter Walsh's new [In]Place angled file holder provides that kind of visibility for your folders. This video introduces the product line from Office Max.

Inplace folder holder Clever hanging folders lock together so nothing falls in between them. They're transparent and the tabs go straight across, no 3 or 5 cut, so you never run out of one type, and you can see through to the next tab. A notch on the side is for a binder clip; nothing falls out and they don't snag on each other. Best of all, you can write on the tabs with an erasable marker and use them over and over.

 There are still more [In]Place products I don't have room to mention, so go over to the site and look. I'm a big fan of Peter's and these products were clearly well thought out and well designed.

Stylish Office Accessories

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Stacking trays
I don’t focus on products much in this blog because I’m more interested in techniques and concepts, but every once in a while something catches my eye. Products that make sitting at your desk or filing more fun, or at least easier on the eyes, are always winners.

See Jane Work carries many lines of fun, modern and good looking office supplies. The site is oriented toward women, but they have lots of items that would appeal to anyone looking to spruce up their desk.

Says founder Holly Bohn, “There is only so much you can do with smoke-colored
plastic trays!” Mmmmm, lime green!

Seven Steps to Successful Organizing has arrived!

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Livingroom-furniture Today I'm officially launching my free ecourse! I originally wrote it for people who attended a talk I gave last fall and then I realized I could expand it and offer it to everyone.

I love helping people succeed with their organizing projects. If I can do it by laying out a seven step program that they can run with, that's great news. Not everyone needs me there in person or on the phone to make a plan, get motivated and stay focused.

So, check it out at this link. See how it works for you. I'd love to hear about your results!

Organize your garage with Monkey Bars!

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organize your garage 8'_yard_toolsWell, these bars don’t come with any cute monkeys to entertain you, but they’re cleverly designed. I really like the way you can have two layers of items hanging parallel to the wall; very creative maximization of space.

I corresponded with Paige Norton of the Monkey Bars Company and she sent me some more info about them:

If you’re ready to rid yourself of the need for an off-site storage unit, or just ready to take back control of your garage, consider the unique Monkey Bars organize your garage cabinetGarage Storage System. The Monkey Bars garage shelving system is the strongest, most efficient and most customizable storage system for organizing all your belongings in the space your garage has to offer.

This shelving system takes advantage of the wall space in your garage and stores your items in 1/3 of the space. Its design also allows for the separation of long-term and short-term storage, storing less frequently used items up on the shelf and hanging more frequently used items below from bars and hooks.

Each Monkey Bars shelf is made of industrial strength steel and powder-coated for superior strength, capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds in just a 4 foot area. Imagine how much you could store with just one or two shelves. You decide how many shelves you need.

What really makes Monkey Bars unique and sets them apart from other storage shelves is its patented bar and hook system. Below each shelf, triangular brackets support the shelf as well as bars. These bars create support for 11 different rubber-coated hooks from which you can hang yard tools, bikes, skis, ladders, and other items all below each shelf. The bars and hooks create layered storage, allowing you to maximize on the space below the shelf by hanging items in back and in front of the bar.

As your storage needs may change over time, these bars and hooks are capable of adjusting to those changes. The bars and hooks are easily moveable and the hooks can slide from side to side to open up room for more things.

Monkey Bars offers specific racks and accessories to hang a variety of items. This makes Monkey Bars one of the most customizable storage systems on the market. You decide what you need based on your various interests and storage needs. They offer bike racks, ski racks, yard tool racks, sports bags, bucket racks, saddle racks, kayak racks, golf bag racks and more. Their racks hold 3 times more than any other rack system available.

One of the newest features of the Monkey Bars is its ability to be installed inside their new cabinets. Store bikes, sports equipment, yard tools, and anything else you’d like in an efficient way and out of sight with these cabinets.

Organizing your garage can be a daunting project, but with the use of a strong and efficient system, it’s a task you’ll only need to tackle once.

Bio: Monkey Bars Central Coast/Bay Area is a garage storage and organization company serving the Central Coast and South Bay Area’s homeowners with solutions and tips to organize your garage.

Organizing Appliances of the Future

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Any day now, the wonders of modern technology will be put to use helping you get organized around the house! Well, maybe not, but a gal can dream, can’t she?

The Mail-o-Matic.  Just feed your mail by the armload into the top chute (you can’t overload this baby!) and the Mail-o-Matic will sort it for you! Mail drops into labeled slots, ready to read. Position the side exit tube over your recycling bin for one-step junk mail handling.Vacuum

The Clutter Buster Deluxe. You’ve heard of in-wall vacuum systems, haven’t you? Well, this beats them cold! The Clutter Buster Deluxe uses a system of small in-wall tunnels that lead to all the rooms of your home. Simply plug the wide mouth nozzle into the wall receptacle and sweep over the floor of any room, and all the items will be sucked up and sent down the tunnels to the appropriate rooms (items are specially pre-tagged by your technician). Activate the junk sensor and the Clutter Buster Deluxe will extract the useless items from the stream and direct them straight to the garbage can!

Nano-ize It! If you’re running out of room to put away all your stuff (and who isn’t these days?), just nano-ize it. This handy device shrinks your stuff down to microscopic size so it can be jammed in to any nook or cranny. Just aim the ray at your stuff, keeping pets and children safely away, and voila! All shrunk down and ready to store! (Macro-izer sold separately.)

Do you have an idea for a space-age organizing appliance that would make your life ever so much easier? Share it here!

Vacuum Party courtesy of Keep My Day Job’s photostream

Store your jewelry with the Gem Genie

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bags-on-ring_smaller-300x300Today’s post is about the Gem Genie, a jewelry organizer created by local gal Brody McHugh, who lives in Mill Valley.

Brody’s inspiration was her own jewelry drawer. Over time, she’d collected stacks of tiny boxes, larger boxes, zippered bags, bags with little snaps, etc.

Her jewelry took up a lot of space in an awkward configuration. All the containers were opaque so she often hunted for particular pieces, or forgot about them entirely.

The small containers made it easier to pack pieces for travel, but they were impractical and irritating in many ways. Fine chain necklaces were protected in their boxes, but there was still no way to keep them from devolving into a tangled ball of gold that she didn’t have the time or energy to deal with.

First she experimented with that old standby, the ziplock bag. To keep necklaces untangled, she used a separate ziplock for each item. Although the bags took up less room than the boxes, they were still adding up. And they weren’t very nice to look at.

Next, she played around with lightweight, sheer fabric that she made into bags. They were more appealing visually and didn’t add bulk. A grommet came next, as a way to hang the bags and attach them together on a ring.

She also created a card insert so the necklaces would hang inside the bags and be easy to remove and replace.

Gem Genie provides a space saving way to organize jewelry so you can see and enjoy what you have. It works well for home storage and the system makes it simple to select jewelry for travel and pack it safely into the fabric envelope that comes with the set.

Brody is currently working on a genie for makeup, another boon for the ladies, especially ones who travel or are just plain busy. Whether in a hotel room or your own bathroom, the makeup genie bag system makes your makeup viewable and easily accessible.

I asked Brody for her favorite organizing tip and, you guessed it, it involves bags! Her work requires her to carry a mobile office around. It’s important for her to be able to find and access her supplies quickly, so she keeps them in transparent bags, sometimes nested inside each other. Great tip!

Five Ways to Seriously Get Things Done

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Do you make notes and lists of all you have to do but still end up falling down rabbit holes of activity that weren’t on any lists? Have you got so much to do that you feel overwhelmed and defeated before you even start? In a world where things are moving and changing constantly, we all need help with this one. I’ve just created a an audio program called Five Ways to Seriously Get Things Done to do just that.

You may think you lack that focusing gene or that you’re just naturally distractible and you may be right. But most of the folks you see around you who don’t seem to have those problems have learned to be productive and they use tools to help them. You too can learn.

The five ways I talk about relate to using a to-do list. This can be a powerful tool, but you need to construct it correctly and use it right. It’s a focusing tool, not a dumping ground. It’s for making progress on your projects, not to list every little daily task. Here’s what I’ll talk about in this audio program:

  • Why you need a to-do list
  • Keep it short
  • Projects are not to-dos
  • The trick to prioritizing
  • Know where your time goes

You’ll also get worksheets to help you define and clarify your projects and correctly write your to-do lists. The worksheet for tracking your time will give you a clear picture of where your time now goes. The review checklists help you analyze and troubleshoot your to-do list and make sure you’re moving forward with your projects. There’s also a worksheet for you to create a “Not To Do” list.

If you keep unearthing old to-do lists that got lost and forgotten, there’s hope. You can start getting things done today and feel that sense of accomplishment. The worksheets will get you back on track until being productive becomes a habit. The program costs $7 and you can purchase it through with the link below. The program is sold through E-junkie and can be purchase with Paypal or credit card.

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For the Organized, yet Suspicious, Brown Bagger

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Moldy sandwich
Has this happened to you? You lovingly create a wonderful sandwich to take to work and then when you go to the company fridge to retrieve it, it's gone! Some larcenous, sneaky coworker has made off with your fabulous lunch!

Well, fret no more. You can now deter potential bandits with these repellent, green moldy-spotted plastic sandwich bags. If you're the perverse type, you might get a kick out of dining with a group and pulling your "moldy" sandwich out with a flourish, biting into it before anyone can see that the mold is only painted on the bag. Also good for kids who go to school with lunch bullies.

Shoe Organizer: Creative or Just Weird?

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Shoe org Maximizing storage space is always a good idea. Shelves in the back of your closet, off-season clothes under the bed. This wacky shoe organizer caught my eye. I think it’s a clever idea, but the notion of lying in bed surrounded by a fringe of shoes is a little unsettling.

Other suggestions for this cunning item are to stash toys, magazines and remotes in it. Hmm, good place just to hide your clutter, methinks. Obviously, it only works if you’ve got a really poufy bedskirt.

What would you use it for?