Clutter Coach Newsletter: Spring Decluttering


I’m going camping this weekend in Marin County. Not far away and not for long, but it will be great to get out. Even for one night of camping, we’ll need a ton of stuff so the car will be loaded, including my boyfriend’s dog. We’ll leave our kitchen gear behind though because we’re going with a group and will have dinner and breakfast cooked for us. Luxury camping!


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It’s Spring!


Spring cleaning traditionally happens now because the weather is warm enough to throw open the windows and air out the entire home. There’s more light, so we can clearly see what’s dirty and needs cleaning.


Spring is also the time to get rid of stuff you don’t need or like and make room for new things. Let that fresh springtime energy stir things up a bit!


There’s nothing wrong with having stuff. But I find with my clients that they have so much stuff they aren’t using or enjoying or are even aware they have, yet they’re burdened by having to store it and look for it and keep it clean and replace it.


Stuff should work for you.It should enhance your life, not make it more complicated and waste your time. If you find that stuff is getting in your way, that you can’t find what you need or, worse still, don’t want to invite anyone over because there’s stuff all over the place, then you have too much.

Your clothes closet is a great place to do some spring decluttering.


I find it works best for most people to organize clothes by garment type. I start with tops from short to long sleeve, then sweaters, then jackets, then skirts, then pants, then dresses.

If you want to go whole hog, arrange them also by color, light to dark. It looks great and makes it very easy to find things.

Another benefit of sorting clothes like this is that you can see that maybe you’ve got seven black turtlenecks. Surprise! Before, they were all lurking in various parts of the closet and their number was a little vague.

Now, if you’re a connoisseur of black turtlenecks and feel that the subtle differences between them is worth having that many, that’s fine.

What I usually find is that my client can’t find any of those black turtlenecks and ends up buying another one just like the previous one, which in turn was purchased six months ago when the original one couldn’t be found. That’s what you want to avoid.

Being organized saves you time and money.

What to weed out:

Even if you have room to keep all your clothes in the closet, changing out seasons is helpful. This is the time to review your clothing for the upcoming season. See if:

  • it still fits
  • is in good repair
  • is in style
  • looks good on you and
  • you like wearing it
If it doesn’t fit those criteria, toss it.

I know it’s a touchy subject for some women, but I urge my clients not to keep clothes in sizes that are too small for them. I don’t think it motivates them to lose weight, it just makes them feel crummy.

I think it’s better that they dress well now, and if they lose the weight, they get the treat of buying new clothes that are in style.

For now, just start with ordering your clothes by type. The duplicates may just jump out at you and make it easy to slim down your wardrobe. For more help, here’s a blog post I wrote about clothes organizing.

~ Claire ~