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So, you want to get organized but you’re not quite ready to hire an organizer. Or maybe you know you can do it yourself, but you need a little guidance and hand holding. This ecourse, Seven Steps to Successful Organizing, may be just the thing.

You’ll learn important, basic organizing ideas that you can use for any project. I’ll take you through each step and give you specific homework to do for each step. You’ll feel calm and in control even if your project isn’t finished because now you know how to finish it. If you do the work, I guarantee you’ll make progress!

Why am I offering this for free? Well, I’m passionate about helping people live the way they want to live and spend their time the way that fulfills them. It’s true that clients pay me for clutter coaching, in person and on the phone, but if all they need is a little push, a bit of hand holding, I’m happy to offer that. I don’t want someone to hire me and then find out that they could’ve gotten the help they needed for free! That’s a lose/lose situation.

That said, some folks learn best with me right beside them, guiding them. They want a real person to ask questions and bounce ideas off of. Personal connection with me is what spurs their progress. I offer free clutter coaching in person if you’re in my area and over the phone (video calls are available!) if you’re not. You can read about my in-person service here and phone coaching here.

I suggest starting with the ecourse. You might find that it’s all you need. If that turns out to be true, I’d love to have our comments about how well the steps worked for you. By doing the ecourse, you’ll also learn about my style and what I can offer if you hire me or if you just stay in touch via the ezine and reading my blog.

When you sign up for the ecourse, you’ll also be getting a free subscription to my ezine. The ezine is a short, sweet tip a few times a month, that I think you can use. It’s short so you can decide right away if you want to try the tip. It’s also another way to stay engaged with your organizing projects.

Below are the seven steps. Each one builds on the previous one. Keep these emails after you finish the course. They’ll be a valuable resource to use over and over. Although you’ll learn a lot, what’s really important is the habits you build. Repeating the ecourse will cement those new practices into your daily life so you can get to that ideal state: not having to think about them! They’ll come naturally, just like brushing your teeth.

  1. Why get organized?
  • Develop your vision
  • Have your own compelling reasons, not someone else’s
  • How motivated are you?

2. Habits and Decisions

  • Habits make tasks easier and go faster
  • Decide to decide. Not deciding means a decision will be made for you
  • Start with one; pick one specific thing you want to change and practice it
  • Start small; choose a situation where you can make a low risk decision

3. Evaluate your space

  • Learn tricks to be objective about your space
  • Notice what currently differs from your vision and make specific notes
  • Also note what is working and why you think it works

4. Evaluate your behavior

  • Be honest about the way you live in your space
  • What did you try that worked? What didn’t work?
  • Embrace your personal preferences and lifestyle

5. Make a plan

  • It doesn’t need to be perfect or complete, but you need to start
  • Write your plan down; don’t keep it in your head. Writing clarifies.
  • Look for the best solution that is closest to what you do now; the shortest distance between two points
  • Be able to switch back and forth between the master plan and the specific steps you take to get there
  • Gather supplies

6. Make the time

  • You do not have spare time. You must make time.
  • Be realistic about how much time you have to devote to getting organized
  • You don’t need large chunks of time. You just need to fit the right tasks into the right time slots
  • Schedule your time on the calendar so you won’t give it away
  • Don’t wait till you know everything, just start

7. Make it a lifestyle

  • Staying organized is a journey, not a destination
  • Remember, habits are your friends
  • Don’t get caught up in the process; remember why you’re doing this
  • You may need to scale back your vision to make it do-able. There’s nothing wrong with that
  • Become as organized as you need to be and no more