Mind Decluttering Session

Why would you need mind decluttering right now?

  • I’ve been forgetting appointments
  • I’m embarrassed to contact people because I haven’t followed through
  • I frantically look for things that I need right now
  • I’m procrastinating on a really important project

I ask questions and you talk. We’ll hone in on some issues and you’ll get great suggestions and tips to use. You’ll get perspective on what’s going on and an objective view that brings insights and aha!s.

Mental clutter is stressful. When you’re stressed, you’re not doing your best work.

Who can benefit from mind decluttering?

  • A business owner who’s expanding her company and is feeling overwhelmed
  • Someone starting a business who’s finding it a struggle to use his time effectively
  • A person with a full and varied life that goes at full speed who needs to slow down and sort things out

What will happen:

You’ll see how things fit together and what you need to get rid of. A plan becomes clear so you can move forward with confidence. You’re re-energized to get things done because your plan makes sense and is do-able. So much stress will be gone that you’ll look ten years younger!

Contact me here to schedule a session of mind decluttering. No commitment, no program. In and out. Boom, you’re ready to go. Like a spa treatment for your mind!