Is This You?

You want to be in control, to be confident, to make good choices. You trust yourself and take responsibility for yourself. You’ll do stuff that looks like it might work even if it’s the opposite of what books or “experts” say to do. You value stuff that just works. You want your right answer, not “the” right answer.

Talking about energy flow and feng shui doesn’t seem off the wall to you. That the movement of the eye and body in a space should flow makes sense because that means more energy. Openness and intentionality in your space and in your calendar means you can create without knocking anything over.

Seth Godin wrote: “More people get engaged in Paris in the springtime than on the 7 train in Queens.” Where you do what you do matters.

You’re successful, but are finding some glitches in organization and time management. You might have structure, but it’s outdated or superfluous or went with a previous lifestyle and you’re not sure how to fix it. You need organizing help.

An intricate system with a learning curve puts you off. Something that works and feels good is more like it.  Feeling good in your space is seriously important for you to do your best work, and the things you do to maintain that good feelingness should also feel good. They should feel intentional, meaningful and important. Your work is all those things, so the care you put into upkeep on your, dare I say, temple should be too.

You work for yourself or have a high degree of work freedom. Your personal values and goals spill over into your work life and vice versa. The place you work and the way you do it is really a reflection on how you live your whole life. It needs to support your life in all ways. Improvements in one area create positive changes in the other.

What you want more of: Intentionality. Clarity. Joy. Consciousness. Awareness. Purpose. Creating. Doing.

You’re a “hands-on philosopher,” a doer. Tactile. Empirical.  You don’t just talk about stuff, you do it. If it doesn’t work, you do something else. Doing is wisdom.

If that’s you, cool! I’m really glad you’re here.

Who you aren’t: someone who only wants to talk and have me hold your hand (occasional hand holding is appropriate). Someone who’s stuck in their story (you can have a story, but don’t fall in love with it). Someone who wants the latest gizmo or trendy technique (just ‘cuz).

Someone who’s “tried everything” and is already pretty sure I can’t help (almost ready). Someone who wants the magic solution (okay, we all want magic, but magical stories always involve a journey for the hero, too). Someone who believes it’s too expensive to hire an organizer (could be you’re just not prioritizing the problem).

Note: it’s perfectly fine if you are any of the preceding people. But you’ll need to look elsewhere for help at the moment.

Flying Bird by Ron Nelson