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Update: My book is now for sale in paper form on Amazon! Click here to go to the Amazon page. 

5 min bedroom front cover Here’s the first in my new series of organizing books, the Five Minute Guides: Five Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom. This guide gives you easy to follow steps so that you don’t get bogged down in organizing overwhelm. It lays out exactly what you need to do in an easy to understand format that you can read and act on quickly. Click here for more info and to purchase: Five Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom
cover design4Get the guide, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized. It’s got a page for every week of the year. Fifty two common organizing problems are addressed concisely and simply, along with a very do-able solution for each one. Bite sized ideas, so you don’t have to read a whole thing before you can start getting organized! Click here for more info and to purchase.
beat procrastinationMy audio program, Five Ways to Beat Procrastination and Get Things Done. Listen to this audio program on your iPod or iPad. It comes with worksheets too so you can put into practice what you learn. Click here for more info and to purchase: Five Ways to Beat Procrastination and Get Things Done.
gift certificate 3 hr sampleKnow someone who really needs help getting organized but probably won’t pick up the phone and make it happen? You can help with a gift certificate! Click here for more info and to purchase: Gift Certificates.

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