Organized Oasis

Does your environment support you to do your best work, and live your best life? An organized space means less wasted time, less stress and less energy frittered away on stuff that doesn’t matter. Gaining control of your time means using it for that best work, and taking it away from busywork and procrastination. Becoming aware of what’s working and not working gives you the power and persistence to create your ideal space. Get more joy and less overwhelm. Smile more, worry less.

Starter Kit Deal: You get three 3-hour sessions with me to create your perfect ecosystem for $750. Save a bit by paying upfront: $687.

Upgrade Your Life: The above package, plus two more sessions to further refine, invigorate, refresh and step up your organized oasis for $1250. The upfront discount price is $1147. Comes with unlimited email support.

True Oasis: Seven sessions to get it dialed in for advanced wonderfulness. All the above, plus the two additional sessions, for $1750. And $1547 upfront is your discount price. Plus, you get bimonthly mini phone check-ins for support and troubleshooting.

My guarantee: If, by the end of the first session, you don’t feel that we can successfully work together, you don’t have to pay me. We’ll chat a bit about why it’s not a good fit, so I can improve my offerings and get to know my clients’ needs better. Then we’ll shake hands and part as friends. Sound good?

Call or email me to find out if I’m the right one to help you. I’m at 510-967-6583. Also on Skype at claire_to. Email form is below.