Five Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom, Kindle version



I wrote this guide because I know people get overwhelmed and discouraged by the idea of organizing. They worry that they don’t know how to do it or how to start.

They believe it will take lots of time that they don’t have to spare. They envision things looking perfect all the time and feel like that’s an impossible goal.

Not long after reading your Five Minute Bedroom I moved to a new apartment. Vowing to do things differently this time, I decided to try your Five Minute strategy throughout the 5-room apartment.  I thought 5 rooms for 5 minutes — maximum 25 minutes a day– I can DO this.

By sprinkling my 5-minute segments as breaks from sitting at my desk or work table, I’ve managed to keep to it more or less; some days it’s only 2 rooms but the amazing thing is I haven’t had to do a major house-clean since we moved in over a month ago. Thanks, Claire, for a system that REALLY works!

–Paula Swenson, Creative Catalyst Coach

Part of that feeling of overwhelm is not knowing where to start.

That’s why this guide takes you step by step through your very own bedroom. I tell you exactly what to do rather than giving you the theory and letting you work it out yourself.

This is an action guide.

You don’t need to write up a complicated plan or think about the big picture. Just follow the steps and make them part of your routine. Organizing is a tool, a skill you use to make your life run more smoothly. It’s simple steps you can take today to make your bedroom more inviting and your mind more relaxed. Let’s get started, shall we?