Skillshare Classes: Time Management and Procrastination


I have two classes on Skillshare: Time Management Basics part 1 and How to Beat Procrastination. To take them, click on the titles below to get two free months of premium membership on Skillshare, which will also allow you to take any other classes you want. Both classes are about 20 minutes long.

How to Beat Procrastination

In this class, I’ll reveal the real reasons people procrastinate, how to recognize your own style of procrastinating and the best solutions to use so you can be free of it for good.

Procrastination means you don’t do things you’re supposed to, need to and even want to do. That’s the basic definition. If we back up a little further, the reason you don’t has to do with decision making. If you don’t make a clear decision on something, you don’t take action. Hello! procrastination.

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Time Management Basics, part 1

This class is about time management. It’s not about the best app. I’m not against apps, but you need to know the basics of managing your time in order to use them well. And there’s no sense in managing your time well if your doing it for the wrong reasons, or don’t know why you’re doing it.

This is the time of your life. Strive to spend it in ways that feel valuable and meaningful to you.

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