Stress-Free Holidays

Holiday Serenity

It’s crunch time, folks! Yes, it’ll be 2016 before you know it and soooo much needs to happen before then!

Are you having houseguests for the holidays? Planning a party? Baking for an event? Setting up a gift wrap and mail station on your dining table? Putting a team of animatronic reindeer in the front yard?

Everything you have to do this season will go more smoothly if you have a basic level of organization underpinning it all. In just a few hours, you can get a handle on simple systems that keep things from spiraling out of control.

Clearing the decks is a great way to have a stress-free holiday season. Take care of those time consuming irritants so you can devote yourself to celebrating.

  • Square away your mail and paper management systems
  • Prep your kitchen for baking and entertaining
  • Get events and commitments onto your calendar
  • Make to do lists: this is a good reality check for how much you can realistically do
  • Complete or put away undone projects till next year so they’re not nagging at you

Why do this?
You’re already busy and things are going to get busier. You’ll enjoy the holiday season more if you’re not bogged down in those everyday details that somehow get put off until they’re a big problem. Having systems and plans to work from will allow you to get back on track easily when the unexpected happens (and it will). You’ll have a realistic plan rather than a pie in the sky fantasy so you won’t feel guilty and stressed out.

All this in one three hour session?
We will definitely do hands-on organizing as much as possible so you’ll see a difference. The session will focus on your specific needs, whether that’s getting the guest room decluttered or figuring out how to ________ (fill in the blank). We’ll also spend time sketching out your plan so that you have the peace of mind of seeing how it all fits together instead of keeping it all in your head.

Don’t put this off! Call or email me today to book a session. A single 3 hour session is just $270, a worthy investment in your holiday sanity. 510-967-6583 or claire at