“I’m going to rethink my entire apartment. I looked around and ideas dawned on me for the first time because of your class.”

— Donna McCaskey, Sales

“Now that we’ve sorted through these files, I see that I have all the documents and research to go forward with my project right now. That’s saving me a lot of time and money. [Being organized] made my whole trip more productive. I had everything and I knew where it was. My aunt was impressed!”

— Karen Bey, Accountant

“Claire taught me about collapsing a project [in my home office] when I was done, before I moved on to the next task. I was to consider the clean-up time as part of my task. Since everything now has a defined place that I like, it has become easier to do. I am also now aware of how much space I can take up in our house when I don’t pay attention to this – work projects left out, papers that need to be filed, nail and hammer left out on a counter top all make the house seem smaller.”

— T. Traynor, Consultant

“One big organizing challenge I have is dealing with the tidal wave of information that comes barreling in at me all the time. You had some very helpful insights, such as the realization that if I’m not doing any reading, then doing a small amount is an improvement – I don’t have to do everything in order to be clutter free.”

— G.A., Physician

“Too bad I can’t deduct you as a medical expense for stress relief.”

— Veronica Martin, Architect

“Claire Tompkins presented a well-organized and informative workshop. She geared her presentation to the needs of our group and talked specifically about challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs with multi-faceted careers. As a result, every attendee got useful tips to put into practice right away. Her delivery was entertaining, but filled with solid content, and there was plenty of time for questions. Claire was generous in sharing her information and obvious expertise as a professional organizer.”

— Dorothy Rompalske, New York Women in Film and Television

Past Client Projects

  • Worked in a client’s home office decluttering and separating personal from business so she can easily focus on her work
  • Helped a client get her life back on track after her mother’s death by gently supporting her to tackle projects she’d avoided
  • Guided a client to develop healthy new habits so she gets more done and makes decisions more easily
  • Helped a client reclaim her basement as an art studio and laundry center by purging and organizing storage
  • Cleared out and sorted a garage that had been packed up for years and arranged for hauling away of junk
  • Helped a client break out of clutter by coaching her to decide what to let go of and what to keep
  • Set up a new, much smaller kitchen so the client could still cook efficiently and enjoyably
  • Worked with a client to sort through her ailing mother’s apartment and make difficult decisions about her possessions.