Virtual Organizing Services


Organizing over the phone is surprisingly effective! With Zoom chat it’s even better. If you’re not in my area, this is a great option.

Being organized puts you into flow. When you’re in flow, things move. They get done, progress is made, stuff happens. Energy goes forward. Things fall into place.

You’ve got ease and clarity and focus. Being in flow is where you can do your best work with the least amount of grunting. We’ll discover what’s stopping or clogging the flow and unblock it. We’ll also increase the flow toward what you want and redirect it from going down the drain.


We’ll investigate your physical space, meaning your desk, your papers, your supplies and the other gear you use in your work. We’ll explore your use of time from to-do list to big questions about what you’re devoting your hours to. Tangles of ideas will be unraveled, square pegs will be found holes for. This organizing service occurs on the phone or aided by the magic of Zoom video.

This works for residential organizing too. You’ll be able to show me your kitchen counters, your hall closet or your garage shelves. I won’t be able to physically help you move things around, but we’ll do the same kind of sorting I do with in-person clients. I’ll come up with systems for you and teach you organizing concepts and tell you what you should do next.

Big pictures and small pictures will come into sync. Overwhelm will be whittled into do-ability. Deep listening will show you connections and insights that will grow your flow. We’ll have fun too, because we’re on an adventure of discovery!

Flow doesn’t keep going down the same stream. We’ll come up with some terrific flow-enhancing strategies that will need to evolve as you do. As we go along, you’ll be learning how flow works for you, so you can notice when it’s getting jammed up again and free it.

What do you get with more flow?

  • Feeling at ease and purposeful in your office or home.
  • Knowing that you’re spending time on the things that matter.
  • Less worry and more fun. Even laughing. Especially laughing!
  • Creating an environment that lets you feel present and engaged so you can do your best work and bring it to the world.
  • Less overwhelm = more joy

The four session package includes in-between (or follow-up) check-ins via email for troubleshooting and appreciating.

If you don’t think we’re a good fit within the first 30 minutes of our call, I will immediately refund your money and sincerely wish you well. Don’t give up! Click here to contact me.