What People Have Said

“I recently had a mind de-clutter session with Claire. I have 5 major projects going on right now, both personal and professional. Claire helped me clarify what I want from those projects. I left the session with a very do-able plan to deal with the most stressful aspects of what I’m working on.

“Monday I met with Claire. Tuesday I set in motion plan we worked out. One major issue was resolved on Wednesday, another on Friday. I couldn’t have gotten the thrillingly positive results I got without my de-clutter session with Claire. Added bonus- I freed up enough mental energy to tackle a closet de-clutter project I’ve avoided for 2 months. Thank you Claire!”

— Deanna Lohnes, Copywriter

“In just an hour, Claire helped me get to the roots of what was keeping things on my to-do list and to come up with a strategy for getting rid of them. After the brain dump, I felt more enthused and raring to go than I had in days.”

— Colin Beveridge, Maths Tutor and Author

“Too bad I can’t deduct you from my taxes as a medical expense for stress relief.”

— Veronica Martin, Architect

“As having been someone who was doing a “brain dump” on you last week, I wanted to leave and comment and stress how important this is for business owners to do this regularly. It’s like if you worked a full 40 hour work week on a very mentally trying job (yes, business running is mentally taxing, even if you think you’re not doing anything productive) and didn’t take the time to shower, to watch tv, to “zone out”–basically cleanse yourself of your thoughts and residue gunk. After a while, you’ll feel tired, less productive, scatterbrained–I could go on. 🙂

I relate it to having a therapeutic massage for your brain. Let the master declutterer Claire relax your mind and bring some clarity to it.”

— Laura Espinosa, Copywriter and Social Media Maven

“What I like most about working with Claire Tompkins is the intelligence and thoughtfulness she brings to the discussion. She clearly loves helping people get themselves together, and is quite fascinated by the challenge, I think.

She listens carefully and responds to what you say. She doesn’t make you feel like an idiot or hopeless or any of the things you may be thinking about yourself, due to your inability to keep a tidy life, let alone your work area. A coaching session with Claire is not just productive; it is actually fun!”

— Molly Walker, Business Writing and Project Management

“Thanks for the excellent workshop you conducted last night at NYWIFT. I’ve begun following your suggestions and have already been a lot more focused and productive. One of the things that’s been especially helpful is listing my goals (right now I have four) and then figuring out what “to do” activities are connected with each. In the past I did a lot of stuff, but wasn’t always sure why.”

— Istar Schwager, Ph.D. Founder, Creative Parents.Com

“Claire Tompkins gave an awesome workshop last night at the LWL meeting. Each person there got individual hands-on coaching for how to deal with their organizing issues. Claire is brilliant at honing in on the problem then offering a practical solution. The hand-out she gave us went straight onto my vision board, it’s so incredibly useful.”

Robin Allen, Commercial Photographer

“I’m going to rethink my entire apartment.  I looked around and ideas dawned on me for the first time because of your class.”

— Donna McCaskey, Sales

“Claire taught me about collapsing a project [in my home office] when I was done, before I moved on to the next task. I was to consider the clean-up time as part of my task. Since everything now has a defined place that I like, it has become easier to do. I am also now aware of how much space I can take up in our house when I don’t pay attention to this – work projects left out, papers that need to be filed, nail and hammer left out on a counter top all make the house seem smaller.”

— T. Traynor, Consultant

“One big organizing challenge I have is dealing with the tidal wave of information that comes barreling in at me all the time.  Claire had some very helpful insights, such as the realization that if I’m not doing any reading, then doing a small amount is an improvement – I don’t have to do everything in order to be clutter free.”

— G.A., Physician

“Now that we’ve sorted through these files, I see that I have all the documents and research to go forward with my project right now.  That’s saving me a lot of time and money.  [Being organized] made my whole trip more productive.  I had everything and I knew where it was.  My aunt was impressed!”

— Karen Bey, Accountant